Five Little Bears

Lady Bug Picture & Number Tiles - 24 Pieces


Our sweet lady bug counting puzzle will be a hit with all little bug lovers!  This is a great starter puzzle for kids as the dots on the lady beetles wings are the constant, which makes it easier for them to count and then match to the correct number.  The revamped puzzle still features our brightly coloured lady beetle tiles which now pair beautifully with the laser engraved 1 to 12 number tiles, that add a great tactile sensory component.




Perfect for a Puzzle table. Children can enjoy counting the Bugs and learn their number sequences through play. If using the number tiles as well they can match the pictures to the number tiles. A great individual game or calming activity for children with an educational twist.

Group Setting

Encourage children to discuss the pieces and numbers to promote self esteem and social skills in a group environment. Children can take turns at matching the numbers with the picture tiles. They can also play a group game of memory where the picture and numbers are matched. These versatile tiles are also a great size for stacking, balancing and building with, promoting fine motor skills, innovation and patience.


Children can take their number tiles outdoors and see how many bugs they can find, they can use the number tiles in a game where each child chooses a number and has to find a certain object or animal.

Learning Opportunities

Fine motor skills development, counting, speaking, confidence, adding and subtracting and numeracy. Developing a better understanding of nature and their outdoors environments.


24 pieces - approx. 3.15" x 3.13" (8 x 8 cm) per piece

Recommended Age: 3+


Every piece of wood used, is slightly different in color, texture and grain. The naturally occurring imperfections seen in the timber (e.g. knots, color changes etc) cannot be removed.  These pieces of timber are cut on an engraver and on some sides, will have slight burn marks on the edges.