The Little Kiwi Co is proud to support and stock this beautiful, timeless designer children's label from Australia.  

  • "Aubrie is inspired by the little girls all over the world and their love of little details and pretty things. 
  • Aubrie offers timeless femininity, vintage details, pretty prints and quirky colours in beautiful natural fabrics. 
  • Aubrie does not produce seasonal collections rather a constant flow of new pretty things designed to compliment each other and work back with previous pieces. 
  • Aubrie hopes to be handed down from one wearer to the next, with a focus on quality make and finish and therefore making the brand more sustainable. 
  • Aubrie loves anything a little bit different and with that in mind ensures that every style is produced in limited quantities. 
  • Aubrie is pretty yet practical, playful but never precious. 
  • Aubrie by definition means ‘ruler of the elves’ and what little girl doesn’t dream of one day being just that!"