Fair & Green

Eco Arch Stacker


This one-of-a-kind Natural Wood Tone Rainbow Stacker is a Free-Play Montessori Toy that will truly engage your kids young or older.

Its unique design encourages kids to think outside-the-box and hone their creativity. It also helps them develop fine motor skills and ability to focus as they put together intricate designs from their imagination.

Our Rainbow stackers are lovingly hand made by artisans using Sustainably Sourced Rubber Wood. This doubles up as excellent decoration piece once your little one has outgrown it.



Physical: Gross Motor, Sensory – Visual

Cognitive: Cause and Effect, Curiosity, Creativity

Social & Emotional: Security and Happiness


Height: 9.45" x 7.68" x 1.77" (240mm X Width: 195mm X Thickness: 45mm)

Color: Shades of Brown

No. of Pieces: 7 Arches

Material: Rubber Wood, Water Based Non-Toxic Paint, Natural Oils.

     As these are handcrafted toys, the color and measurements represented here are approximate.

    Age recommendation: 18 months +