Bosque Trees - Warm


The warm colors of this little forest give a sensation of warmth, they sprout in the fields in spring and shine in summer. In autumn they yellow until you drop their leaves; some species turn a deep red.

We don't want to surprise you. The toys are handmade from wood and wood is organic. Just as each tree is unique, so is each piece. What makes the wood interesting is the "flaws" it contains. For this reason, wood is not discarded for characteristics, and the flaws do not effect the structural integrity of the pieces. We hope you love the wood as much as we do.

Each piece is cut, sanded and treated with much affection and enthusiasm, in a cottage on the outskirts of Cordoba (Andalusia), in a workshop surrounded by nature, orchards, bird song and children's laughter.

Dimensions: They measure between 2.76" - 5.51" (7-14 cm) in height.

Made from sustainable Beech wood.