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Cuddly Animal Beige Rabbit - Small


Hello! I'm the small, Beige Cuddly Rabbit!  My belly is filled with a pillow of grape seeds - you can take this pillow with the zipper out, warm it up in the oven or just keep it inside my belly. It will work like a very thick blanket and will warm very evenly. My head and feet are filled with lambswool and my skin is made from cotton.

Cuddly toy and warming pillow in one: all our Cuddly animals include a removable cotton cushion, which is filled with grape seeds which work like a very thick blanket and don't need to be heated up by a oven. Use either as a travel pillow, nursing pillow or sofa cover.

Material: Cotton, Lambswool, Grape Seeds, Zipper
4.13" x 2.36" x 11.42" (19.5 x 6 x 29cm)

Handmade in Germany.

Warning : Caution: Not suitable for premature babies and children under 2 months. risk of overheating. Please be careful! Be sure to check for hand warmth.

  • Please remove the cherry or grape seed pillow to warm it up, as only this may be warmed up, not the entire cuddly toy. Simply open the zipper at the bottom of the animal's belly. The cushion can then either be put in the microwave for approx. ½-1 minute at a maximum of 600W or in the oven at 75 degrees for around 3-5 minutes. Make sure that it doesn't get too hot, otherwise there is a risk of burns on the skin or the risk of overheating in newborns. Also, the cherry stone or grape seed pillow should not be heated too long or too much, otherwise the pillow can start to burn.