Five Little Bears

Dinosaur Footprints Dominoes


Classic dominoes is a wonderfully simple game to play with children and they will love this set featuring dinosaur footprints.

Players take turns to match the dinosaur footprints on one end of the domino with the same dinosaur footprints on the end of another.  Play continues until one of the players can no longer match an object.  The winner is the first person to play all their dominoes or, if nobody can find a match, the player with the fewest dominoes left wins. 

There are a variety of ways to play with dominoes that can be more challenging for kids of different ages, but for beginners, this simple matching game will encourage observational skills and help develop personal and social skills.

Made using 0.12" (3 mm) plywood, this is an all Australian Made And Owned product.

Every piece of wood used is slightly different in color, texture and grain. The naturally occurring imperfections seen in the timber (e.g knots, color changes, etc) cannot be removed. These pieces of timber are cut on an engraver and will have slight burnt marks on the edges on some sides



Can be used on a puzzle table, children learn to put in sequence by matching each object or animal. A perfect quiet activity for settling in or calming down. Children need to be engaged and use concentration to complete the sequences.

Group Setting

Group time discussions about life cycles, habitats and prey. Use for transitioning to meal times a child can give you one fact they have learnt before going to wash hands etc. use as a social tool, where children take turns in adding to the sequence. 


Perfect for setting up in the garden where discussions about nature can can be ignited.

Learning Opportunities

Helps to promote thinking skills, improve memory and concentration, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, social skills, maths skills, dice patterns, develops critical thinking skills.


28 pieces – approx. 3.15" x 1.57" ( 8 x 4 cm) each

Recommended Age 3+