Little Houses & Cubes - Colored


Beautiful set of 6 tall houses, 6 small houses and 6 cubes. The roofs and cubes are dyed in vibrant colours and are color-coordinated. In the workshop we called this game "Casicubos", it was one of our first creations and we have a special affection for it. But there is much more behind what seems to be a small town of colors. 

There is an order in the sequence of colors that alternates small houses and large houses. And each little house pairs with a cube the same color as its roof. Can you guess what happens when you place a small house on its cube and bring it closer to a large house? And so, playing, and without realizing it, we are acquiring mathematical concepts, such as order, basic operations, sequences, groups… 

Recommended for children 3 years plus.

Measurements (approximate height): tall houses 3.15" (8cm), small houses 1.57" (4cm) and cubes 1.57" (4cm).

Made in Spain