Wooden Pyramid Stacker


This traditional game has long been loved by many kids. This wooden Pyramid Stacker has many options for playing and will remain interesting for a long time. We make every detail of our Pyramid by hand, preserving the warmth and beauty of the tree. Let the Pyramid of our workshop become a good toy for your family, which you will want to pass on to future generations.

Our Pyramid is made of five hardwoods: oak, ash, hornbeam, maple and beech. Soaked in linseed oil.

The height of the pyramid is 6.89" (17.5 cm). The diameter of the base is 4.72" (12 cm).

Recommended Age: 3+

Handmade with gratitude to Nature.

Due to the natural uniqueness of each piece of wood used, the shade of the product you ordered may differ from the photos on the website.